Your soul in a tiny robot


How to bond and synchronize people when they are in a long distance relationship ?

SOULMate, your soul in a tiny robot. You can remote control your robot and the perspective you see by face tracking technique. This gives you the autonomy to see what you would like to see and not limit by the other one.

User Researcher
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Jan. 2021 (1 month)

#Interaction design


During the covid situation, people can not meet face to face, which increases the isolation, loneliness, and other mental health issue occurring possibility. Then I start to think that how might I make a tiny robot to assist people to break physical boundaries and make people feel linkage and synchronised with significant others even when they are apart?

User reseach - Workshop


During the long distant relationship workshops with 14 people (age from 22 to 45), I summarised top three insights are Sharing experience is the key to build the connection, which is important than the simulate physical feedback, video chat is lack of quality eye contact and easily distracted by the environment and physical objects can bring emotional attachment. 


There are many products create tangible feedbacks to make long distant people feel each other. While it provids short period interaction. Is there any better way to bond long distant people?


In ideation process, I explore the possibility of communication in long distant. Including instant printing machine, app game to link people’s life, tiny robot which you can put your soul in...etc

After iteration, my research question is

HOW MIGHT I put my soul in a robot and accompany to bond and synchronize with partner/ family in the real world ? 


Soulmate interaction mode include the mobile/laptop camera capture user’s image and detect people’s movement. Then transfer these information to the remote tiny robot to do the corresponding movement and show the remote video chatting.


To make more comprehensive and emotional attachment, the demonstration of tiny robot can express the emotion which present by the remote one through the computer vision motion tracking.


The demonstration of the computer vision motion tracking. User can see the scene in the other side and by the head movement, which create have the autonomy for user to control the angle and place of camera movement.


"Soulmate" is a project provide new communication experience and companionship in a remote situation with a tiny robot that provides you the autonomy to express yourself, communicate with your loved ones and aim to help user to build a stronger bonding between them and feel each other even they can not really meet each other.


Due to the time limitation, this proejct did not extend to build the outlook of the robot and make the real distant test with people. In the future, it can build with the finish and test more rounds with people.

Special Thanks to

Bjorn Sommer
1st year Module Lead
Royal College of Art

Assa Ashuach
Visiting Tutor
Royal College of Art


Student Project Award
RS Grassroot

HackStarter Program Fund
Imperial College London

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