- Duration January 2022 (1 week)
- Solo project

What’s the “shape of sound” in Deaf people’s mind ?

#Generative Design


This is an exploration of how do we create accessibility for hearing loss people to engage sound events. How might we provide the tactile feedback soundscape for hard of hearing people to experience sound?


Going to London different place to collect different kinds of environmental sounds. For example: sound from underground, crowded area like picadilly circus and also hyde park. To see and analyses different soundscape and then transfer them into tangible forms.

This Etho used p5.js & FFT transfer sound into various shape. And with Rhino / Grasshopper to make it into 3D modeling to create the soundscape sculpture.


The 3D-print mini sculpture was presented the different soundscape in London in a tangible way and also imagine about in the hard of hearing people’s world, what the sound looks like.

Special Thanks

Professor Dale Russell
Visiting professor
Royal College of Art

Yukun Ge 
for 3D print
Design Engineering PhD Student
Imperil College London

Jack Liu
for grasshopper coding’s help

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